Worst "Salon" Experience Ever

…this will be a long one, so grab a drink and some popcorn…

A little backstory…  I have a hair stylist that does a pretty good job on my hair.  I’m not picky and I don’t really get anything dramatic ever done.  But, this stylist is 30 minutes away and when I make appointments with her, I always have to wait.  So, I hate making appointments and driving out there, blah blah blah…

So, Tuesday I decided that I needed a hair cut and I needed it now.  I felt like Pocahontas.  Long, straight, brown hair.  So, I FB a friend and ask her about this place that she went to.  I call the place and ask if I have to have an appt and what time they closed.  She said they had an opening until 5:30.  I thought that was perfect and left work at 4 and was there by 4:30.  Well, I walk in and there are 2 hair dressers.  One is cutting a little girl’s hair and the other is just standing there.  Well, long story short they told me to COME BACK in 30 minutes.  Which, was strange since the one girl wasn’t doing anything and didn’t have another appointment for 20 minutes… and usually places ask you to wait.  Well, I just got such an odd vibe that I left and went home.

So, on Wednesday, I get this bright idea to go to the JCPenney salon by work on my lunch hour.  Um, yeah, don’t let me do that again.  So, I go into the salon and there is an asian women there immediately asking me what I needed.  I thought, great, it will be quick!  So I try to explain exactly what I wanted – about 1.5 inches off and layers in the front.  Then she says that I should frame my face so it doesn’t look fat.  Um, I didn’t think my face looked fat…but thought maybe I just misunderstood her since I could barely understand her english – hello, Shannon, get up and walk away!  Anyways, she goes on to tell me that I should get the back rounded to help slim me…. Um, no and again, I’m not fat!  So, we go and wash my hair – the most horrible shampoo I’ve ever had in my life AND she didn’t use conditioner….  I mean seriously, that shampoo was awful and it hurt.  But, I kept reminding myself that I need this haircut and I’m running out of options before Christmas.  Plus, now my hair is wet and I have to go back to work in less than an hour.

So, we go on to start cutting my hair.  She spun me around so that I couldn’t see the mirror and then kept pushing my forehead with her hand and pulling my  head in all different directions.  I swear, I wasn’t moving.  I’m not 5, I was being still!  So, I remind myself that it’s almost Christmas and I should just take it… and be nice.  She wasn’t speaking to me, she wasn’t asking me to look a certain way, she wasn’t even pushing/pulling my head nicely – it was like I was a Barbie doll that she was mad at!!  Not only that, but she dropped her scissors on my head!  Well, 45 minutes later (yes 45 minutes!!!) she spins me around and I have SHORT hair.

I decide not to freak out since there wasn’t anything that I could do about it then.  So she starts blowdrying my hair and then she decided to put this gel type stuff in my hair and starts to scrunch it.  Um, no.  I came in with straight hair, I’m leaving with straight hair.  So I finally just tell her to stop and give me my ponytail holder.  She knew I was upset.  I threw my hair in a ponytail and went up front to pay.  She then tells me it’s going to be $37 instead of $32 because I had “medium length” hair.  Um, could you not see that when I came in?!  Frustrated, I just pay.  She asked if I wanted to add a tip in and I told her no.  LOL

I left, returned to my car, and just cried.  It looked awful.  I had short, poofy hair.  So, after returning to work with my poofy poodle hair, I called the manager of the salon and asked for a refund.  I picked up my refund after work and then this morning, I’m straightening my hair and notice that not only is it super short (it barely touches my shoulders), it’s also all screwed up on one side.  Seriously, it’s cut at an angle and not blended in at all.  She also decided to add layers to the back, so now it’s flipped up halfway down my head.  I can’t for the life of me get it to lay down.  Awesome.

So, as long as I put the hair behind my ears, it looks okay.  It doesn’t look great, but atleast my hair grows fast….

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11 thoughts on “Worst "Salon" Experience Ever

  1. I worke at a JCP salon in college as the receptionist…most of those girls are straight out of beauty school. Doesn't surprise me that you had a bad experience….sorry, though.

  2. I'm really sorry. I actually had a bad haircut 2 weeks ago and decided to go somewhere else and had it fixed last friday. so it ended up costing double a normal cut (once for the bad cut, once for the better cut) and it's quite a bit shorter than usual, but at least it lays okay now. long story short….i understand!!

  3. omg. that's awful. a photo would have really completed my visual 😉 jk i understand not putting it out there for the world. grow fast hair!!!and merry christmas 🙂

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