I’ve just finished working on my research paper.  I worked on it all day today (I was off work today).  I’m dead tired and now that it’s done, I don’t want to proofread it again…

My straightener died on Tuesday.  DIED.  My hair looks um…lovely.

Finals are next week and we have lots of plans this weekend.  Not a good combo.

And Honestly….

Yes, we’re still trying to conceive and no it’s not going well.  I’ve had all of my hormone levels checked and they’re all normal.  There are other steps we need to take, but we’re not going to take them till the Spring sometime.  I honestly thought that this month was THE month.  Everything went perfectly.  The timing was actually normal this month – which my body is anything but normal.  So, yes, I had my hopes up.  Alot.  So, when Aunt Flow came this week, I was very disappointed.  Very.  It’s hard to explain.  I didn’t cry this time.  I just kind of said “to hell with it” and went back to working.  That’s where I’m at right now.  I found out this week that a family member is pregnant with their 3 child and I’m thrilled for them, but I’m also slightly jealous that it seems to come easily for them.  I’m just in a mood and I can’t seem to escape from it right now. 

I’m rambling now…
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7 thoughts on “Honestly

  1. I'm sorry that you're still struggling with conception. I'm not sure why God makes it easier for some than others, but I am confident that He has a plan. Hang in there. 🙂

  2. I'm praying for you! I can only imagine how tough this week is for you. I pray that God will help you finish up your classes and that he will provide you comfort in the disappointment you are dealing with.

  3. Stay with it. Sometimes it takes time. Took us over a year. But I know how you are feeling. Enjoy the holiday and get back to it in the new year. I'll be thinking of you….. Hope you week gets better.

  4. So sorry girl. I know exactly how you feel in those situations. I'm really hoping to not have a huge disappointment this month myself. It's ok to have those moods sometimes.

  5. Trust me, you don't have to explain it, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I had 3 miscarriages and now have 3 beautiful children. I'm not saying that to "rub it in" but to let you know there is hope! Keep on trying!!!! Good Luck

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