Day 12

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.
Um, I have no idea how to answer this without saying “Obviously, I don’t get compliments on X, therefore my X must suck.”  Um, no thanks.  I’m not in the mood for that today!  It’s Friday!

So, a funny story (or at least, I think it’s funny)…

We bought our Jack Russell {Rocky} a little jacket since it was turning cold outside at night.  Well, this week it turned back warm.  Yesterday’s high was around 80 degrees.  While hubs was home during lunch yesterday, he looked outside and Rocky was running around sans jacket!  Apparently he said “screw this, I’m hot” and managed to take his jacket off!  I can’t say I blame him!  I’d been meaning to get out there and take it off of him, but I needed hubs to help me with it…. 

Btw, yes, Rocky does wear a jacket each winter.  It’s the only way to keep his little body warm… besides when he’s in the dog house with the Golden Retriever and wallowing in the hay.
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