This Morning Sucks

Catchy title, no?

Let me explain…

  • Hubs work kept calling and calling last night/this morning. because servers kept going down.  Thus keeping him up and waking me up every time the phone rang (and I had class last night).
  • I couldn’t get the package of deli turkey opened.  The stupid package was not cooperating and I was running late.  So for lunch today, I’m having tomato soup and a melted cheese sandwich via the microwave. 
  • Friday mornings are always McDonald’s breakfast mornings.  I always get a Hazelnut Latte and 2 Sausage Burritos.  I look forward to Friday mornings because of this.  I get in the drive thru this morning to find that the credit card reader is down.  I have no cash.
  • I drive to Burger King (ew for breakfast) and have to order crazy fast because there’s a car behind me.  I go to pay with an American Express Gift Card that hubs gave me (he gets a ton of these as gifts from work, bc they work him like a dog…..) and it’s declined.  Hubs gave me one he had already used.  No big deal – I pay with my bank card.
  • I’m driving to work and take a drink of what’s suppose to be my Diet Coke and it’s Dr Pepper!!!  I HATE Dr Pepper!  It tastes disgusting to me!
  • I get to work… 4 minutes late and with cold food that I really didn’t want to begin with and no Latte – that I’ve been craving all week long!

Let’s hope today gets better!  I know those are all little things, but it’s totally throwing my Friday morning off!

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10 thoughts on “This Morning Sucks

  1. I swear nothing is worse than when your morning is completely thrown out of whack! UGH!At least it's Friday and you have the weekend to look forward to!

  2. yuck!! at least it's friday? friday is our "latte day" too, like your mcd's day 🙂 a treat for making it through the week haha. also if josh was trying to open that turkey he would yell at it if it was being difficult. and then probably rip it open to the where you can't ever close it again (the right way anyway) lol. i call him a caveman for that 🙂

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