Just a quick life update!

  1. We’re having another open house this Sunday. Our house has now been on the market for 3 weeks as of today!
  2. I have my first doctor’s appointment concerning my body being stubborn and not cooperating on the whole baby producing front…next Tuesday the 14th. I’m sure they’ll just start off by doing some blood work.
  3. The temperatures are starting to drop and running is starting to get a tad easier! We ran 6.4 miles this past Saturday and it was my best run yet! Last night, we did 4 miles and it was a humid mess and it didn’t go as great.
  4. School hasn’t gotten too overwhelming YET. One of my classes requires a 10 page (minimum) paper and then a 20 minute presentation – on different subjects. Yikes.

I love comments! Leave me some happiness! ;)

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