What A Difference!

I went home yesterday and took a nice 45 minute nap – it was wonderful! Then, I went to bed at a glorious 8pm! I woke up this morning feeling SO MUCH BETTER!

Also, this might be TMI, but I woke up this morning to mother nature’s gift – totally unexpected. So, that explains my fatigue, water retention, and bad mood, too! But, seriously mother nature, can we please have some form of regulation? I mean, last month it was 39 days, this month it’s 24. GEEZ LOUISE! How are we suppose to have a baby when you wont cooperate?!

And on another totally unrelated note…
Look what we made this weekend….

Homemade Pizza

Homemade Nachos

Um, hello nice 4 mile run this afternoon… I’ve got some extra pounds to burn off! HA! You see, we’ve been trying not to eat out (we usually eat out like 4 times a week) and so far, we’ve gone 2 weeks without doing so! We’re doing this because we spend entirely too much money eating out each month – so we’re making some of our favorites at home! 🙂

And yes, those are so VERY UNHEALTHY, but at least it was turkey pepperoni, right?


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