As Promised…

Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers yesterday! They definitely worked! My dad should be out of the hospital by this weekend or sometime this weekend! Also, our house was cleaned and ready in the nick of time yesterday! Our agent showed up, took the pictures, and put the sign in our front yard! Then today, I’m going to go pay for school (ew!). I feel 100 times better this morning!!!!!!!!

As promised, here are the pictures that the agent took. They’re not the best pictures, but they’re certainly not bad either! I only wish he would’ve showed the shower curtain in the 2nd bathroom, but oh well! Plus, I don’t like that our curtains are open in the first picture, but what can ya do?! Also, I know it looks really bare, but that’s so the buyers can picture their things in the home!

You also can’t see some of the cute little decorating things I did in some of the pictures, but again, these are his pictures and not mine! We’ll be adding a picture of our backyard sometime soon. Also, I’ll go more into detail to what we did to the house and the changes we made in another post – if ya’ll want – so let me know!


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