Design On A Few Dimes

I thought I’d share a picture of our bed, since I’ve recently revamped that area.

Now, this is an iPhone picture and the color is all off. Just imagine darker, richer colors. Plus, not pictured is the chocolate brown bedskirt. That really adds to the overall look of the bed as well. Like I said, this is a bad picture and not to worry, I’ll post actual camera pictures later this week. šŸ™‚ So, it’s a preview.

Total amount spent: $40 (I already had the sheets)

Now, there are khaki colored bed pillows behind the chocolate brown ones and the throw pillows have that suede feeling to them – so they have some texture. The throw pillows are actually old pillows from our couch and I just covered them with pillow covers that I found for $10 a piece at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The comforter is also from there and was marked down from $99 to $19 (it’s a Queen Size). Steal!
So, there is a little preview of what I’ve been doing. And yes, as the hubs would say – I like brown! Seriously, I never noticed it till this week – we have a lot of browns and reds throughout the house! ha!


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