Car Baked Cookies!

Here in Arkansas, it’s been hitting over 100F degrees quite frequently the last few days. I think the highest I’ve seen it, has been at 109 degrees.

See those cookies up there? Those were baked in my co-worker’s car. No seriously, they were. My co-workers are crazy – in a good way. Somehow or another, they got the idea to see if they could bake cookies in their car, since it’s been so hot. So, they got the cookies, the cookie sheet, and oven mitts (yes, really) and they began cooking this morning. They even made a sign to put on the car that said “Baking in Progress.” I kid you not.

But, the real surprise is… the cookies actually baked. They were a little doughy, but they actually hardened some around the edges and the chips melted!

Something even more surprising… the cookies were devoured up by other co-workers who knew they were cooked in the car! LOL I’m not brave enough to try that….
Picture stolen from co-worker’s Facebook page. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Car Baked Cookies!

  1. Cute blog! I love the quote on your title banner!And, omg! Haha, I have heard the saying it's so hot we could fry an egg on the sidewalk ~ But I have never heard of someone actually doing such a thing! ..they do look pretty tasty though 🙂

  2. That sounds awesome, haha! My mom told me how hot it has been back home. Not that Vegas is not hot…but, its not NEARLY as humid. I'm ready for fall!

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