Honey, What Are You Doing?!

We’re remodeling a few areas of our home in preparation to sell. The other day, I heard a little bit of banging in the front of the house while I was putting laundry in the washer. Well, I assumed the hubs was replacing our locks since that’s what we had just gotten at Home Depot. So, I walk into our living room to see we’re missing our front door! I just busted out laughing! Apparently, he thought it was a good time to replace the weather strip at the bottom of the door as well!
Picture taken with iPhone. Sorry about the quality! ha!

6 thoughts on “Honey, What Are You Doing?!

  1. Yeah that is definitely not something James would do! HA He would leave it! We did replace the locks on one of our doors and he gave up so I had to do it! HA

  2. LOL! I don't know that 100 degree weather is the time to have your door wide open for a little while… Haha. I need to do this too on all of my doors. Uh been needing to for at least 2 years haha. Can I borrow your hubs?

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