Call Me Crazy…

Yesterday was day 2 of Half Marathon training. The training plan called for a 3 mile run with the training group. Now, we all know how I love schedules (I’m type A to a fault) and how I love group runs! But, what I don’t love is insane, crazy, and icky heat! That’s exactly what I got though!

It was 107 F degrees outside when our run started. Yes, 107F! Call us crazy, but there were no less than 50 people out there fighting the heat and getting our 3.37 miles done. We all had bottles of water and then there was more water and Gatorade set up at the half way point, plus ice cold cloths for us to use. Those cloths were almost dry by the time we were finished, but they started out cold and wet!

Not to worry though, we all went extremely slow and drank a ton of fluids. I had started drinking tons of water yesterday morning in preparation for the heat. The last thing I wanted to do was dehydrate. And, besides just being sweaty and hot – I felt fine. Crazy, I know.

BTW, I don’t recommend doing this – so don’t go doing it just because I did!

What’s the hottest ya’ll have ran in?


11 thoughts on “Call Me Crazy…

  1. I would not run in that. Last summer I skipped group runs in the hot evenings for solo runs in the morning when it was cooler. That's just how I roll…

  2. Way to get out there and run on those hot and icky days! I love running with my group:)I would say the hottest it ever was for me was 100 degrees. I have run in weather that felt hotter than 100 degrees due to the humidity!

  3. ONE DAY I would love to run a marathon… as of right now, the only way I'll be running is if I was being chased by a wild animal. And even then, I might just duck and play dead. :)Good for you!

  4. Good for you!!! We've had that insane heat around my hometown too, and even though im working out inside…im still finding trouble doing even that! I need to do my workout soon but its just so hot…. great feeling of achievement when im done though! Go P90x!

  5. Hey girlie! Thanks so much for the label maker suggestion!!! I am training for Soaring Wings, too. I have been running in the early mornings to try to beat the heat, though. But it's still hot!!! I am soooo ready for some cooler weather! I keep hoping I will see you at the gym sometime and this time I will actually say hello!!! 🙂 Good luck with your house!

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