Today, I’m so happy that it’s Friday! I know it was a short week and all, but I’ve been in vacation mode (still) all week.

I wish I was back here. Funny story: Hubs and I tried kayaking in the ocean while in Mexico. We’d always wanted to try it, so we did. Well, ya’ll know I’m uncoordinated – seriously, I can’t do the whole rub your tummy and pat your head thing. It’s that bad.

Anyways, I ended up smacking hub’s feet, his paddle, and his leg with my paddle. Ya’ll I’m a horrible paddler. Finally, he just told me to stop trying to help because I was making it worse! Hey, I didn’t have a problem with that! Needless to say, he said that we wouldn’t be attempting this again (such a lie!!). But, wouldn’t you know, we have a camping and canoeing trip planned in late July! I guess I couldn’t have been that bad! Or maybe he’s planning on putting me in someone else’s boat?


6 thoughts on “TGIF!!!

  1. Hahah I went kayaking w a boy once – and he seemed to have it together….he brought – what looked like 2 paddles…But they were the ones that snap together in the middle…aka he only brought one paddle – so I got paddled around the lake!I kinda like that idea 🙂 Hope it was fun!

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