We Went…

PARASAILING while in Cancun! Now, if you know me, this is a major thing because I am deathly afraid of heights! Seriously, the first time I flew, I couldn’t even reach over to shut the window covering because I couldn’t get near the window – once in the air, I’m mostly okay, but climbing, um..not so much!

I told hubs that I wanted to go parasailing on this trip. I knew it would be high in the air, but I knew that I would enjoy it, too! So, we signed up! This is a little different than your normal parasailing though – you’ll see why in a moment. It was scary and there were more than a few moments that I questioned loudly why on Earth I was doing it and why on Earth there wasn’t a seatbelt or harness….yep, you read that right – nothing was holding us in this little contraption!

Before going…
Up in the air! Can you even see our boat?! We’re WAY up!

The beautiful water.

Apparently, hubs thought it was funny that I was holding on for dear life!!!

Up in the air!

You can see our parachute!

Afterwards. See?! Nothing but a seat and some life jackets! Scary!!!!


12 thoughts on “We Went…

  1. What an awesome trip!! I love swim up bars:) I am scared of heights too and have always been to scared to parasail, but your pics are great and it looks like so much fun!

  2. When I went parasailing I didn't have it as good as you…no chair- nothing. I was just hanging by the ropes and nothing but air beneath me. It was glorious!!

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