The Pools…

Today, since I don’t have a ton of spare time… we’re gonna talk a little about the pools! There were 7 different pools on the resort property. Which, btw, the resort was the only resort on “this side of the island.” Meaning, there were no other hotels, condos, resorts – nada – near us (which was super nice). Anywho, back to the pools…

There were 7 different pools and then countless hot tubs as well. If the pool didn’t have a swim-up bar, it had a staff member circling around asking us what kind of drinks we wanted. There were two “lazy river” pools – meaning, that there were two different areas we could go to that had a long, lengthy pool that we could float around on our rafts and the pools looped around different buildings. Also, along all of the pools were bed-like structures and chairs with coverings over the top. Some of the pools even had hammocks laying over the water (I really enjoyed those).

It seemed that whenever we were walking around, we’d always find a different pool that we didn’t know about. It was really quite nice!

A large pool with swim-up bar & restaurant.

Me enjoying the hammock!

Part of the lazy river.

The end of one lazy river.

A “secret” pool.

The bed like things and chairs.

By the way, if you want more information on this resort or want to see what other locations they have, here is the link.


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