I Love Trace…

Instead of a weekend recap, I’m just gonna fill ya’ll in on my new love… Trace Adkins! LOL

  • Friday evening, my sister, stepmom, and aunt loaded up and headed to Carino’s for some pre-concert drinks and grub. We enjoyed Happy Hour drinks, yummy pasta, and dessert!
  • We thought we’d try a new route over to the concert venue… yeah, not a good idea when the person who is giving you directions has had a nice, big yummy drink! Needless to say… we think we might’ve drove through a drug deal in the making and took a nice little tour of the ghetto…all the while, driving a new Yukon… Um, not a fabulous idea by any means, but it presented us with many, many (albeit scary) laughs!!!
  • Because of our little detour, we made it to the concert and Trace was already singing… Wouldn’t you know it, the ONE concert that starts on time….and we’re late! ha!
  • We sat at our awesome seats. Read = very, very, very lower level seats.
  • Then proceeded to watch the handsome man himself shake those wonderful hips. Sigh.
  • We spotted a lady in the first row who flashed Trace…um, lets say she was white trash and didn’t have the goods to be showing everyone….
  • Anyways, blah blah blah, great concert! That was the BEST concert that I’ve ever seen! It could’ve just been the great seats and that handsome man…. šŸ™‚ But, Martina was pretty good too! She even did a few old songs from Journey and Bon Jovi! Love it!
  • Since we were a little late, we forgot to take pictures of us, but I did get a few with my iPhone. My sister had her real camera, but I’ve not seen those pictures yet.

Our seats were right by the “pit,” so we got to see Martina’s kids and Trace sitting watching Martina’s show. Yes, that is Trace’s cowboy hat! I was about 10 foot from him – sitting right above him!!! Ya’ll don’t know how badly I wanted to ask him for a picture or autograph! But, I was good!

Anyways, enough about my new love (yes, hubs knows that I have a thing for Trace now…). Thank you for all the comments on my little project that I’ve been working on. I have Photoshop Elements at home, but I’m not that great with it… So I use Picnik to edit most of my photos.

Btw, yes I did take pictures of Martina…but honestly, she looks like a troll doll in them! šŸ™‚
Also…tonight is my first class at Grad School!!! I didn’t sleep very well – I kept having dreams about binders! ha! Wish me luck – I’m gonna need it! The class I’m taking is called Decision Modeling in Information Systems….


10 thoughts on “I Love Trace…

  1. I'm not a big country fan but Trace Adkins is sooooo hot!!! I saw Martina a few years ago at the Rodeo in Houston and she was awesome, by far the most talented country singer out there. Glad you had a great time and good luck in your class.

  2. What awesome seats you had!! I'm kind of all about the badonka donk song! It cracks me up – kind of the country version of I like big butts…LOLGlad you had a great time though!

  3. Okay, you know about my live affair with country music! I love country concerts! My old boss works in Nashville and he said he sees Trace a lot around town. The first time he saw him was at Chuck E Cheese…he was shocked because the badonky donk man was playing in Chuck E Cheese! Haha

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