Dear Mr. Weatherman,

Can we please bring back 70 degree temperatures a little early this year?


Cold Hating Chick

Take a look at what Beastie said this morning:

Yes, that says 16 degrees!!! That was at 5am this morning. The sad thing is, it’s suppose to get colder this week! Also, we had a tad bit of snow/ice yesterday. They’re calling for more later this week. Hello, Mr. Weatherman – this is Arkansas. We don’t get THAT cold here!! I’m a wimp ladies and gents. A huge wimp. There aren’t many things that I hate more than being cold.

Oh, and btw, we’ve been bringing our boys inside at night and they love us for it. I let them out for 30 mins this morning while I got ready for work and poor Rocky just sat there when I opened his crate. His look said “I promise I’ll be a good boy if you just don’t make me go back outside, Mom.” But, not to worry, I let them back in. Gotta make sure they do their business outside, ya know? Anyways, so my kitchen has turned into a dog crate place – you can barely walk around the crates and our kitchen was small to begin with! I’ll make sure to grab a picture this week of it all. And, don’t even get me started about having outside dogs in the kitchen. Ew.


11 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Weatherman,

  1. I woke up this morning, took one look at the thermometer and shivered just thinking about how cold it would be when I walked outside. If it's going to be THAT cold it might as well be a snowstorm so we can stay inside by the fire!

  2. 11 years??? what has happened to all this time! Ahhh!!!! I feel old…and right now I am loving the hot weather mostly because my horomones are on meltdown mode and I feel like a menopausal pregnant lady….I would say my constant temp is around 95 degrees…I have my fan blowing on me at work right now! LOL!

  3. I think Thursday's high here in Denver is calling for a whopping 9 degrees. I, for one, am super sick of winter!!! If your weatherman listens to you, please tell him to bring CO some warm temps, too!

  4. So I am a total cold weather wimp. Hello, Florida native! It's been like 40 here and I pretty much want to die. I feel for u sister. Let the boys inside for sure!

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