Why Hello There….

I think Rocky is telling us that he’d like a couch for Christmas. 🙂 Pls ignore our dirty window and what used to be our backyard!
I took a much needed few days off from work and got to spend some time with the hubs. It was SO nice to actually see him! Here is a little breakdown of the last few days… and since nobody likes to read wordy paragraphs, here’s some bullets!
  • Wednesday night, I baked 8 dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oreo Balls, Reese’s Stacks (my new name for them), and some Spinach & Cheese appetizers.
  • Thanksgiving we went to 3 different family lunches/dinners.
  • Friday I had to work, but may have took part in a few sales online.
  • I bought Martina McBride and Trace Adkins tickets for half price – lower level! I had a special code! My stepmom, aunt, sister, and I are going in January!
  • I also bought Trans-Siberian Orch. tickets for the hubs and myself for December 19th.
  • I felt like poo on Saturday. I felt like I was running a fever but the thermometer said differently. Hubs was going to take me shooting – my favorite thing to do – with his neice, but I felt like poo. Boo.
  • We have over 30 family members to buy presents for. This stresses me out. We’ve gotten about 10 of them bought this weekend. We both have big families.
  • We watched 4 Christmases, Angels & Demons, and My Sister’s Keeper. All were pretty good movies. My Sister’s Keeper made me cry.
  • We’ve spent too much money at Best Buy. We’re only a few hundred dollars from being Silver members….
  • I’ve gained 5lbs in the last week.
  • We went to dig for diamonds yesterday at a diamond mine. We found some crystals instead. But, really had a fun time!
  • Because the diamond mine was out in the middle of nowhere, we didn’t make it back in time for my Spin Class. I was kinda depressed about this… until…
  • We played 3 games of Yahtzee! My all time favorite game that hubs will hardly play with me. He says it makes you think too hard. I love that game. But, he won the championship… Yes, we had a Championship game!
  • My ding bat brother unfriended me on FB. Ouch. I know, that might be too much family personal drama, but I’m a little bitter by it.

And, that’s all I have for now! I know I left out tons and tons of stuff, but I’ll think of it all later.


10 thoughts on “Why Hello There….

  1. Cutest pic ever. Facebook, yeah it's a little weird. I have friends that I don't really want but felt obligated to accept their friend requests.

  2. I'm gonna need the recipes for your Oreo Balls & Reese's Stacks!!Sounds likea wonderful weekend, although sorry to hear that you felt sick for some of it. :(Family drama…. I had to de-friend my father today. :/

  3. my sister loves yahtzee, too! and i hate it for some reason. i guess you either love it or hate it. sounds like you've been doing some yummy baking! which i lived closer so you could bring me some!

  4. Yahtzee is fun. It's a little loud though (rolling the dice, etc.) so I remember not being able to play it when it got too late. My dad has sensitive ear…

  5. Sounds like ya'll have had some GREAT QT together 🙂 I've never been to that diamond mine, I wonder if ANYONE ever finds anything there? I would love to see TransSiberian Orchestra, I have it playing in my car right now…only sometimes it makes me speed…it's the music not me!!!

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