With Thanks

How amazingly awesome are these pictures?? My little sister took these as my family followed me around on the Half Marathon course. I love them! She took many more, but only posted about a dozen or so on FB and I stole the ones that didn’t make me look like a moron… These are the two best ones! I love the fact that I’m smiling SO BIG in the first one – that was around Mile 8 I believe. The 2nd one was a little further down the road. I love it! Brings me back to race day – a day that I will NEVER forget! I’m smiling pretty big right now πŸ™‚
Anyways, here is my Thankful List. I figured it was time that I state what I’m thankful for, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and all πŸ™‚
  1. That we’re able to live in a country where we are free and free to practice any religion we want.
  2. That I know God – not as well as I’d like to, but I’m getting there.
  3. My amazing family and their health. I’m so thankful for their health.
  4. I’m thankful to have shared the precious moments with my Grammy and was able to tell her what I needed to tell her. I’m also thankful to know without a doubt, that she’s in Heaven.
  5. I’m thankful for having a caring and understand husband.
  6. I’m thankful that we both have jobs in this economy – even though I complain about his quite alot.
  7. I’m thankful that I have a healthy body and am able to push myself physically.
  8. Thankful that my entire family has a roof over their heads, food in their fridge, working vehicles in their driveways, and heat to warm them.
  9. Thankful that I’ve come out of my box and have tried different things such as spin class (I love that class!! Went last night again…LOVE IT!)
  10. Thankful that we’ve started recycling. Last week, we only had 1 bag of trash – we usually have atleast 3 in a week.

There are many, many more things that I’m thankful for, but I know that if you’re like me…you can only read so much before your ADD kicks in! Ha!
I hope everyone has a joyous Thanksgiving Holiday!
P.S. I’m thankful that I have so many readers as well! :o)


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