Are You A Hugger, Too??

I thought I’d share an adorable picture of our two dogs cuddling yesterday morning. It’s not the best picture, due to a dirty window, but aren’t they just cute?! You’ll notice that Rocky isn’t wearing his jacket – it warmed up a little the past few days, but he’ll be wearing it again at the end of this week and I’ll snap a picture!

Moving on… Yesterday I decided to skip Pilates and do some weights instead. That was the plan, anyways. I came home and remembered that my iPod was dead – like completely, wont turn on, dead. So, I put it on the charger and took my time getting ready, so that it could charge some. Anyways, after taking longer than usual, I headed to the gym. Since I knew my iPod would die on me soon, I wanted to make sure and do the StairClimber first (I wanted to do the StairClimber & weights..both! And I need music for the StairClimber). Anyways, I got on, did my 15 minutes of wishing I was somewhere else torture and then decided I needed to walk some to stretch out those muscles a little bit. (Don’t ask me about my logic, I just do what I want!)

So… I hop on the treadmill instead of walking the indoor track. Now, I hate the treadmill for the simple fact that I cannot run on the treadmill. No really, I have no balance and it’s basically impossible for me to do without falling off. But, as I’m reaching the half mile mark, I start to think….maybe I’ll try running… You can see where this is leading right? So, I look around and see how many people would witness my failure and decided that since everyone else was walking on the treadmill, I’d try to be big and bad and run on the treadmill… Well, let me say that nothing has changed – I still have no balance. But, I didn’t fall off. Instead, I hung on for dear life and ran! Which brings me to my question… what do “normal” people do with their arms while running on the treadmill and how big of an idiot did I look like holding on to the grips and running….and then maybe “hugging” the top and running?
Picture this… girl running… arms at the top of the treadmill thingy by the tv…. yes, that was me. I wasn’t so much as hugging the treadmill, but more of “I’m gonna rest my hands right here, so that I don’t fall off”… Seriously, I’m hoping that I will learn how to run on the dang thing without holding on for dear life…

Oh, and btw, I did 2.3 miles on the dreadmill before being drenched in sweat (no fan and yes that’s just sad and pathetic…) and deciding that I’d had enough… and then I noticed that it was 5:15 and I had meant to leave the gym at 5… If I hadn’t had to wait around on my iPod to charge, I would’ve had more time to do other things….fail. Hey, there’s always next time right? I mean, 2.3 miles on the dreadmill and 15 mins on the StairClimber are way better than nothing…. But hey, tonight is the killer Spin Class – so I’m not worried!

P.S. Please say a prayer for Bee and Rose. Leave her a nice, warm comment too.


17 thoughts on “Are You A Hugger, Too??

  1. So sorry, but this is so funny. I see a lot of people hang on for dear life on the treadmill. I do just fine running on it, but I can look around a lot. If I do I lose my balance. Everytime I run on the treadmill which is pretty frequent I always picture myself falling off of it. I am weird!

  2. Hhahahha. I know exactly what you mean…my coach in college (golf) wanted us to be marathon runners… It was probably pretty funny to your on-lookers though. I would suggest working on your balance and see if that helps you to NOT fly off the dreadmill!

  3. I run normally on the treadmill but sometimes I drift and have to catch myself. I really don't like the treadmill. And yes, you worked out and that IS better than nothing. Great job!

  4. i used to be scared of the dreadmill, too, but i sucked it up and ran on it. i just run like i do outside, nothing too different. try it, i'm sure you'll love it! :)peee essss: that pic is adorable!xoxo

  5. Too funny! I have a hard time with my stride on the treadmill, not my arms. I don't know why, but I just don't feel like I can run for "real" (whatever that means) on the darn thing.I HATE the treadmill. Grr

  6. Well you know about my running habits from my post today, but when I do run my arms are pumping at my side, just like normal running I guess. Don't worry.. running outside is much better for you anyways! You would make an awesome gym partner!

  7. Cute pic!!I'm a treadmill runner. I never ran outside (beside trying out the bridge pedestrian walk) until my 1st 10K – gasp. I know, I have to get outside. I wonder if buying a Garmin will get me outside? LOL Happy holidays!

  8. LOL at the mental image of you holding onto the treadmill for dear life. I just swing my arms like normal but definitely have almost fallen off before.

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