GMAT & An Outdoor Wedding!

Well ladies and gents, I took the GMAT Friday morning. I needed a score of 500 and I scored a 580!! To say that I’m pleased and excited, is an understatement. I literally cried in the elevator as I was leaving. The test took me 3 hours to complete – I didn’t take any of my breaks. I was just so stressed, that I wanted to finish as soon as possible! There were 2 essays, a math section, and a grammar section. This was the hardest test that I have ever taken – hands down!!! I’m very glad that I took the time and studied for 2 solid months before taking the test! Now, it’s behind me and I can start applying to Grad School! Woohoo! Side note… The math section, I ran out of time on, and had to pick random answers for the last 4 questions – because you HAVE to answer the questions!! Wow. But, it’s now behind me!!

Other than that, I’ve had a relaxing weekend. I skipped my long run Saturday morning due to poor planning. I totally forgot to pick up any Gu’s on Friday and when I woke up Saturday morning, I knew that I couldn’t do 9.6 miles without my Gu. Well, 9.6 miles VERY WELL without them! And, I was not prepared to have a bad run – so I skipped it. Horrible, I know. But, it’s ok – I totally know I can do the mileage, so I’m not too upset.

Saturday evening, one of my great friends got married. It was an outdoor wedding – and a little chilly – but it was beautiful! She looked amazing and I loved how everything turned out. Right now, she’s on her honeymoon in Hawaii. Sigh. Wish I was there!

Myself with the Beautiful Bride:


15 thoughts on “GMAT & An Outdoor Wedding!

  1. Congrats on the fabulous test score!!! *happy dance*Love the new blog look. Very cool!I wanna be in Hawaii, too. It's snowing here! Eeeek!!Happy Monday

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