Running…Running.. Running!

I’ve finally gotten my act together and have my running stats uploaded! Yay! So, let’s see where we stand… shall we?

July (seems so long ago):
Total Miles: 13.96 (ha!!!)
Pace: 13:29

Total Miles: 34.61 (getting there…)
Pace: 13:26 (a slight improvement)
Biking: 16.22 miles, time: 1:44:30

Now for runs so far this month… (Please excuse the quality.. Copy & Paste & Cut are my BFFs)

My pace here lately seems a little slower and all over the place. But, I’m happy to say that I finally feel like I’m beginning to run a little stronger. Last night’s run was hotter than it’s been in a few weeks, but I ran pretty decent. 🙂 So, I’m pretty happy overall.
As my half marathon is getting closer, I’m beginning to think about goals. So… after much thought, here are my HM goals:

  • Goal A: to finish. Last year, I made it to training week 8 before getting 2 stress fractures.
  • Goal B: to finish under 3 hours. This was last year’s goal. (Pace of 13:43)
  • Goal C: to finish under/at 2:45. This is what I’m really shooting for. It’s within reach…almost. (Pace of 12:35)

11 thoughts on “Running…Running.. Running!

  1. august was terrific improvement over july! keep it up 🙂 those sound like excellent goals for the upcoming half. stay healthy and keep on running! grab that 2:45!

  2. Great running and goals! Don't add to much mileage too quickly or you'll be back to those stress fractures. You are doing great and I have no doubt that A, B, & C are all within your reach!

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