Last night’s 3.5 mile run went pretty well! I was concerned that we weren’t going to be able to run due to storms and lightning, but it held out just long enough! The temperature was pretty decent too. It was around 80 and the humidity wasn’t that bad!!

Now, as promised, here is Monday’s run. I quoted the wrong overall pace. It was 12:27 not 12:24. But, who cares! Ha! (You’ll have to click on it make it larger.)

Now, for last night’s run! Another PR for me – 11:31 pace for a mile! woohoo! Not too shabby for the whole run either. I need to work on consistency…but who doesn’t?! 🙂

Thankfully, tonight is a rest night. I’m dead tired! Not to mention, I have a ton of things to do such as…get my oil changed, tires rotated, and drop off a donation to the Goodwill….Oh and study some more stupid triangles (I’ll elaborate sometime later…)…cook dinner… and do a quick load or two of laundry!
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “Yippie!!!

  1. I definitely need to keep up with you! I keep trying so hard to get back into running, but I'm finding it SO difficult to make time and, ahem, get MOTIVATED to get my butt going! You're inspiring!

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