Another 3 Miles Finished!

Well, I was a bit concerned about last night’s run. The weather station said the humidity was above 70% and it was 87 degrees out – meaning it felt like 97 degrees (they said). I didn’t want a repeat of Tuesday night. So, I was worried.

Worried for no good reason. Hubs and I ventured out there and I can honestly say that was the best weather we’ve had for a run in a while. Don’t get me wrong, the air was still thick and hot, but it wasn’t near as bad as it has been. So below you’ll see my stats:

Not nearly as bad as Tuesday, but still not up to my usual pace. But, I’m thrilled still. I was dead tired and didn’t feel like running, but I made myself do it. Also, something to note, I did 4 & 1 and kept to it, only taking two unscheduled stops. 🙂 Now, let’s hope that tomorrow’s 4 miler will be better! I’m a much better runner in the mornings than the evenings, but due to my work schedule I can’t possibly get up any earlier to go running – I get up at 4am just to go to work!! So, I’m really excited about Saturday’s run – even though we’re meeting up at 8am and I think that’s a tad too late. It’s already starting to get hot by that time!

Anywho, tonight is either biking or yoga – I haven’t made my mind up yet. Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!!


8 thoughts on “Another 3 Miles Finished!

  1. Good for you for staying on the fit train! It's so hot right now that no one is on their usual pace. I think yoga sounds amazing right now. My legs are shot.

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