Some Like It Hot

…I do not! 🙂

Yesterday our Half Marathon training group met up for the first time. There were about 90 people there, which was far more than last year. It was really nice to see that many people out there and see some of my old running buddies from last year! Not to mention, one of the beginning group leaders was my step mom’s friend who also lives across the street from my grandmother AND coached my siblings during cross country. So, I know this lady very well and have known her since I was knee high to a grasshopper 🙂 It was awesome, she gives off so much positive energy.

The heat though, was not awesome, and the only energy it gave off was negative. FAIL. It was 97 degrees according to the Beast. Yes. Add the humidity in and it was the recipe for disaster. And disaster it was. I have the splits to prove it.

As you can see, I sucked it up. I did 4 & 1 on the first mile… then after that it just kinda crumbled. Oh well. The heat kicked my @$$. Not the first time and wont be the last.
I’ve noticed that I tend to get all Negative Nancy when I’m really sucking on a run. While talking to Brandi, I told her I was dying and that I had already seen Hell and was waiting on Heaven. Yeah, I’m not sure that makes sense, but at the time it did. Or at least I thought it did. I’ve gotta stop that mess, no more negative thoughts. Maybe I’ll think of the Power Rangers like Chic Runner does. ha.
Anyways, today is a rest day, thank goodness. I have some much needed housework to tend to!
Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re half way to the weekend!


13 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot

  1. Yes girl it was way too HOT!!!! Girl you weren't too negative… I think anyone out in that heat would have some negative thoughts and feelings! I know I did!

  2. No more negative nancy! Be proud of yourself for finishing up the run despite the conditions! That in itself is a big feat! Congrats on Day 1 down in the record books! 🙂

  3. Hi Shannon! Re: your comment – I wear my bottles on the back. Can't stand it any other way! I have also discovered that the belt only stays put if I wear it high on my waist (I would prefer hips, but it bobs around and slides up/down).

  4. As I posted to Brandi, running in the heat (so long as you don't pass out!) will make you a stronger runner come race day. Keep it up. Happy Hump Day!

  5. I don't care if people say it makes you stronger, i cannot run in the heat – i have been skipping my running group and running in the morning lately.

  6. I am hating this heat right now…I don't see how you can run in this! ahhhh! I LOVE your new truck too 🙂 Terence works for HP/EDS in Plano, TX he's a supply chain analyst. It would be awesome if he could transfer to Conway someday (in my dreams) but most of the positions in Conway are sales jobs and that's not his career field…..wahhh!!! I miss home! Love ya! Becky

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