Look At These Babies!!

Good Morning!! It’s Thursday!! Yay! Less than 48 hours till the weekend!!

I don’t have anything to blog about really… I really need to do that purse post… It’ll come soon, I promise – and you’ll be amazed at what all my purse carries!!

I’ve been browsing the net the past few days looking at running shorts.. and I found these little babies..
Seriously, these are super cute. I have a pair of solid black ones…but these are so bright and lovely!! And, they have the little built-in undies that I just love!! For the record, I do wear undies with these, but having them built-in too – helps with them not riding up – in my opinion. Also, side note.. if you have issues with your shorts riding up and causing chaffing – I use this stuff called Glide – it looks like a stick of deodorant, but it goes on clear…and is made especially for chaffing.. and works awesome! Just a little freebie for ya!!
Tonight we’re running at the track again – I can’t wait!! Hope it doesn’t rain!


10 thoughts on “Look At These Babies!!

  1. I just came across your blog. I'm not sure through who, but your picture of those running shorts pulled me in. I love to run and am always looking for some good running gear. I will have to find a pair for myself. Thanks for sharing! I will visit again.

  2. i am in love with those shorts! my i-pod is pink and so are my sneakers, sadly, my legs are not shapely enough (yet) to wear shorts while running. soon……

  3. Love the pink!!! Have you tried not wearing underwear and just going with the built in underwear? Give it a try and see what you think. I like it much better than wearing underwear with them. I did in the beginning then I finally thought to myself it has built in underwear for a reason so now I love not wearing underwear with them. Very comfy when running. Also, I am BIG body glide fan. That stuff works.

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