Road Trip Pictures!

So, as promised.. our Branson Road Trip pictures… Bass Pro Shop..go-cart track..wax museum, and the “natural bridge” – a waste of $8.

The reason for our trip…

Go-Kart Track

Some Scary Man

I have no idea – but they’re funny!
The Fonz!
hubs & The GodFather

Me & The GodFather
The King!
I rock this pose… ha.
The Matrix


Johnny Carson – we’re tight!
Life is like a box of chocolates…
The Natural Bridge Sign… Cl, AR
The $8 rip off.


4 thoughts on “Road Trip Pictures!

  1. My favorite thing about Branson (besides my cousin) was the Go Cart and mini golf places! He hit at least one go cart place and one mini golf place EVERY DAY we were there for a week! Loved it. Glad we went to Bass Pro, even more glad we didn't see the natural bridge. the pic is enough. I do wish to go to the wax museum now though since its been like 15 years since I've been back there.

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